Gelato Delivery

Dear friends,

It is a pleasure for us to introduce to you our new service – “Gelato at home”. With joy, we will deliver you a  first-class gelato in special boxes for home, which you won’t forget. Whether for a special occasion or just for a movie night with a loved one, we will be always there for you!
Every week we will offer you different flavors within which you have to choose. You can add to your order one of our delicious and soon we will add our hand-made desserts as well. What’s more, if you order 2 or more gelato boxes the delivery is free of charge 😉

What we offer this week:

Big gelato box (935ml) = 25 lv/pcs. Flavors:

  • Milk Chocolate;
  • Bourbon vanilla;
  • Hazelnuts;
  • Pumpkin (sorbet);

Standard delivery charge = 4lv. for 1 box, but if you order 2 or more the delivery is from us 🙂

Please fill your order in the form with your correct delivery details, flavor, and quantity. One of our colleagues will contact you soon to confirm your order.

If you have submitted your order before 7 p.m. today, we will deliver it tomorrow.

Orders made after 7 p.m. today will be processed tomorrow and delivered on the day after.

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